• Power BI visual: SMART KPI List
    One important goal of any well designed dashboard is to inform its readers by creating one overview of all KPI’s. This requires a compact and effective way to display them all together. The SMART KPI List is created specifically for this purpose.
  • Shielded HTML Viewer
    In the February 2021 post we got the opportunity to introduce our Shielded HTML Viewer to the Power BI community: the first and only certified HTML viewer for Power BI
  • XmR Charts In Power BI
    In January 2021 I had the opportunity to talk with Stacey Barr, THE specialist in evidence-based leadership and organisational performance measurement. We spoke about the XmR chart in general and about our Power BI Custom Visual named Control Chart XmR.
  • Custom sort orders in Power BI
    Sorting data is straightforward at first glance, but comes with some interesting caveats.
  • The Strip Plot
    In the december 2020 edition of the Microsoft Power BI Blog we got the opportunity to introduce our Strip Plot to the Power BI community.