• Win a FREE license of the Editor’s Pick September 2021
    This month is your chance to win a FREE license of the Lipstick Bar Chart. The Power BI Editor’s Pick this month. Download and review it NOW.
  • Control Chart XmR for Power BI
    The Control Chart XmR now supports both the Wheeler and Nelson rules sets for visualising your Process Control Charts.
  • Dumbbell Bar Chart for Power BI
    The power of the Dumbbell Bar Chart: showing both values and the difference between them.
  • Cycle Plot for Power BI
    The Cycle Plot is a special line chart developed to show seasonal time series. It helps you to visualise trends within seasonal data.
  • Power BI Visual: Merged Bar Chart
    On the surface the Merged Bar Chart has a lot of similarities with small multiples. The key difference is the way these charts allow you to compare values. The Merged Bar Chart focusses on comparing multiple measures (like Player Value, Monthly Wage, clause, etc.) within one specific categorical variable (i.e. Soccer players).
  • Power BI visual: SMART KPI List
    One important goal of any well designed dashboard is to inform its readers by creating one overview of all KPI’s. This requires a compact and effective way to display them all together. The SMART KPI List is created specifically for this purpose.
  • Shielded HTML Viewer
    In the February 2021 post we got the opportunity to introduce our Shielded HTML Viewer to the Power BI community: the first and only certified HTML viewer for Power BI
  • XmR Charts In Power BI
    In January 2021 I had the opportunity to talk with Stacey Barr, THE specialist in evidence-based leadership and organisational performance measurement. We spoke about the XmR chart in general and about our Power BI Custom Visual named Control Chart XmR.
  • Custom sort orders in Power BI
    Sorting data is straightforward at first glance, but comes with some interesting caveats.
  • The Strip Plot
    In the december 2020 edition of the Microsoft Power BI Blog we got the opportunity to introduce our Strip Plot to the Power BI community.
  • Small multiples and the Merged Bar Chart
    When one set of bars simply isn’t enough