Frequently Asked Questions


What are Nova Silva Visuals for Power BI?

At Nova Silva, we recognise the great potential of Power BI for bridging the gap between information and decisions. However, our experience in Effective Data Visualization triggered the need for additional visuals in Power BI. This resulted in developing custom visuals to enhance Power BI’s visualisation capabilities. We strongly believe that the end user experience with our visuals should be the same as with a standard Power BI visual. Furthermore, we want to make maximum use of all existing Power BI capabilities, so we develop all our visuals to be certified by the Microsoft PowerBI team.

What are Microsoft Certified Power BI visuals?

Certified Power BI visuals are Power BI visuals in AppSource that meet the Microsoft Power BI team code requirements. These visuals are tested to verify that they don’t access external services or resources, and that they follow secure coding patterns and guidelines. You can recognise these visuals by their blue checkmark. At Nova Silva all developed visuals are based on these requirements, so our visuals are either Certified or in the process of getting certified.

Where can I give feedback or share ideas about the visuals?

Feedback can be shared on the Community forums, which we monitor actively. Otherwise, feel free to send us an email on

How can I try out the visuals?

You can find our visuals in the Microsoft Appsource by searching for “Nova Silva”, or follow this link: You can try all features without a paid license. When you start using our visuals in production or when sharing with other you require a license.


What is a creator?

We distinguish creators and viewers. Creators, often in the role of developer, are people creating Power BI reports, setting up the visuals for other to consume. The viewer is the consumer of the report. For the Nova Silva Custom Visuals a creator requires a license, but the viewer does not.

Can I share license keys with my colleagues?

Every license key is to be used by only a single creator and they should not be shared. Please refer to our End User License Agreement for more information on this.

How will I receive my license(s)?

After payment, you will receive an email containing the requested licenses within 1 working day. You can also access your licenses at your Account page at:

How do I apply my license keys?

All of our visuals contain a tab, within the Format pane, called “License”. Here, you can enter your license name and license key to license the visual and remove any watermarks. Make sure to add the complete license information, otherwise the license will not work.

How long can I use a visual with a free license?

There is no limit to the amount of time you can use visuals with a free license.

What can I use visuals with free license for?

You can use all of our visuals without any license. This makes it perfect to see if the visuals is suited for your needs. You can use visuals with a free license for as long as you’d like, but you can only do so in a development / testing environment. When using the visual in a production environment, make sure to purchase a valid license.

How long is the business license valid?

The business license is valid for 1 year. After this year, the license has to be renewed.

Are the prices shown in the shop including VAT?

No, prices shown are not including Value Added Tax (VAT). The VAT will only be added in case you are purchasing from a company located in the European Union.

How can I get an Enterprise license?

Please contact us in case you are interested in an Enterprise license.

What is Power BI Premium?

Please check here for more information on PowerBI Premium:

How do I purchase visual licenses for Power BI Premium?

Customers running a PowerBI Premium P1 – P3 are required to buy a separate license for these environments in the Shop. These licenses include 10, 20 or 30 developer licenses for P1, P2 or P3 environments respectively. Any additional licenses you need can be purchased as individual licenses, so you are not limited to purchasing multiples of 10.

In case you are running a PowerBI Premium P4 or P5 environment and are interested in one or more of our visuals, please contact us.


Will there be future updates on the visuals?

Nova Silva is constantly developing on the existing and new visuals, based on the ideas we have and feedback we receive from our user base. The updates will be applied automatically once they become available in the AppSource or My organization.

How do I apply my license keys?

All of our visuals contain a tab called “Paid Features”. Here, you can enter your license name and license key to enable the paid features and remove any watermarks. Make sure to add the complete license information, otherwise the license will not work.

How can I figure out how to … with my visual ?

Check out the in-depth tutorials in the Knowledge Base, post your question on the community forum or send us an email.

Do you collect any usage telemetry from the visuals

No. Our visuals do not share any data with any external service.