Tutorial: Adding a PREMIUM License Manually or via a Theme file

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Here’s a short guide on how to add a license to our Power BI Premium visuals. The license can be set in two ways:

  • Manually via de Power BI user interface;
  • Automatically via a Theme file.

Adding a License Manually

To license the visual in the Power BI user interface, you need to apply the following steps:

  1. In Power BI (Desktop), add the visual to your Power BI Report
  2. Add data to the visual to activate the Format pane
  3. Open the Format visual pane
  4. Expand the License card and paste the license information into the License Name and License Key fields
  5. If the license information is entered correctly you should see the expiry date of the license in the second field. Your visual is now successfully licensed!

Adding a License via a Theme file

You can also add the license to a Theme.json file to avoid having to add it to each visual individually.

Power BI Themes are defined in so called JSON files. If you place your license information in a theme file it will apply the license to each visual.

How to update and import a theme file:

  • Create/ Update a JSON file with the visualStyles values (see examples below)
  • In Power BI (Desktop) go to View > Browse for themes
  • Select your Theme.json file and click Open button
  • A File successfully added dialog will show up, click the Got it button
  • Your report book and all the pages will get the refreshed License (if the License Name and Key field was empty, if not do a Reset to default)
  • Save and Publish to the service.

If you already have a corporate Theme file, add the “visualStyles” properties and paste it to your Theme file.

License properties

Name on user interface

License Name

License Key

Name in Theme file



Both the license name and license key are supplied to you specifically. Add the following example to your Theme file and replace the text between quotes with your own license information.

"visualStyles": {
       "*": {
          "*": {
             "license": [{
                 "licenseName": "YOUR LICENSE NAME",
                 "licenseKey": "YOUR LICENSE KEY"
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