Change log: Control Chart XmR

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  • Added support to add multiple values to the Axis-data bucket and using drill-down
    Added option to remove the line between the data-points in the chart.
    Fixed some minor issues.
    Updated libraries


  • Option added to use all datapoints to calculate the average
    Removed standard rounding when calculation is enabled


  • Support for the new FormattingModel
    Update to Power Bi Visuals API 5.2.0
    Fixed some minor issues


  • Added support for MS Licensing API
  • Fixed some other minor issues
  • Updated libraries
  • Updated to Power Bi Visuals API 4.7


  • Fixed some issues in displaying the Rule Statistics


  • Added zoom slider when the date-axis is enabled.
  • Added Rule statistics table when visual is in Focus mode
  • Multiple target-lines are supported now
  • Fixed some minor issues


  • Fixed an issue Y axis labels
  • Fixed an issue with the calculation of Average MR


  • Fixed an issue where the visual was locking when there were missing actual values
  • Fixed an issue with the out of limits signal
  • Fixed some minor formatting issues


  • Fixed issue to prevent calculation of data-points when no actuals are available
  • Upgraded libraries
  • API-version 3.4.0 ( compatible with Power BI version November 2020 and newer)


  • Added a choice between the Wheeler-rules and the Nelson-rules used by calculation of the CL-lines and the LCL and UCL-lines
  • Added the option to show the signals without recalculation
  • Added a legend for the data-points
  • Added the sigma-lines in the chart
  • API-version 3.2.0 ( compatible with Power BI version May 2020 and newer)


  • Added optional categorical x-axis

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