Privacy Policy Custom Visuals

Effective date of this Privacy Policy: March 12, 2024

Nova Silva Custom Visuals for Microsoft Power BI (“Custom Visuals”) are developed by Nova Silva B.V. (“Nova Silva” or “We”), Reg.No KvK 11070282, Reg. address: Burensedijk 15, Zoelen, 4011 KG , Netherlands.
Nova Silva respects Your privacy and recognises the importance of protecting any information collected about You. This policy on privacy apply to the data processed by Custom Visuals. Your use of the Custom Visuals is subject to the term and conditions of this Policy. Please read this Policy before using Custom Visuals. If You do not want your information to be processed by Custom Visuals, please do not use Custom Visuals and/or provide it to Us.

The “Custom Visuals” as described in this policy apply to one of the visuals from following list of Custom Visuals developed by Nova Silva:

Attribute Control Chart
Control Chart
Control Chart XmR
Cycle Plot
Dumbbell Bar Chart
Dumbbell Column Chart
Lipstick Bar Chart
Lipstick Column Chart
Lollipop Bar Chart
Lollipop Column Chart
Merged Bar Chart
Milestone Trend Analysis Chart
Power Gantt Chart
Shielded HTML Viewer
Strip Plot

1.  Use of Data:
Custom Visuals provided by Nova Silva use information that is provided through Microsoft Power BI platform and/or application to convert it into visual representation. The process of transformation is executed in the memory of the device that the user is using. Custom Visuals are not storing, sending and/or reusing your Data for any other purpose than rendering the interactive visualisations in your Microsoft Power BI instance.

 2. Data transferred/shared with others:
Your data is never transferred/shared with other parties by Custom Visual.

3. Storage and Protection of Personal information
Custom Visuals do not collect any personal information and do not store it.

 4. General terms and conditions
You are liable for the appropriate use of Custom Visuals. All copyrights in or to the Custom Visual or part of them are owned by Nova Silva, our licensors or our partners, who reserved all their rights. If any provision of the Policy is held invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect, and such invalid or unenforceable provisions or portion thereof will be deemed omitted. This Policy is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands, and the courts of the Netherlands will have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising under or in relation to the Policy.

 5. Updates of this Policy
We may modify or update this Policy either due to changes in legislation or in order to cover new developments in internet or our practice. If we changes our privacy practices, an updated version of this Policy will reflect those changes and we will notify You of such changes by updating the effective date at the top of this Policy. Therefore You have to visit this page regularly as these changes may affect You as a visitor and/or a user of our Custom Visuals.

6. Our Contact information
Should You have any questions about this Policy, the privacy aspects of our Software and/or Services, or would like to submit any request, please contact us:
Nova Silva B.V.
Burensedijk 15, 4011 KG Zoelen, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 344 579 120