Power Gantt Chart for Power BI Premium

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Powerful insight into your planning and milestone performance

For using this visual within a Power BI Premium environment you first need to acquire this Premium option license of the visual. If you need additional creator licenses (on top of the included ones), please add the needed number of standard licenses of the visual, which can be found here:  Power Gantt for Power BI

Based upon the type of Power BI Premium environment you need to purchase 1, 2 or three of this Premium license:

P1: purchase 1 of this Premium license (includes 10 creator licenses)
P2: purchase 2 of this Premium license (includes 20 creator licenses)
P3: purchase 3 of this Premium license (includes 30 creator licenses)

If you have a P4 or P5, please e-mail us at info@novasilva.com.


The Gantt chart is an excellent tool to visualize your program and project schedules and task dependencies. In the basis, it is a bar chart with tasks or activities on the vertical axis. The horizontal bars show for each task/activity the period between the start and end date (or time). Another important feature of the Gantt chart is that icons can be used to represent milestones: important moments within your project timeline.

The Power Gantt Chart for Power BI allows you to review both tasks/activities and milestones right in your Power BI reports. The Power Gantt Chart supports unlimited number of task/activities, hierarchy levels and milestones.

Key features of the Power Gantt Chart

  • Excellent visualization of your program and project schedules: Get a high level overview at first, but dive into details using the collapse/expand buttons. Zoom into specific periods using the zoom slider;
  • Progress bars help you to indicate the progress and status of individual tasks;
  • Unlimited number of tasks, hierarchy levels and milestones: Add as many items as you like to your chart, so you’ll never have to omit any details to your chart;
  • Highly customisable: Add or remove columns, change colors of bars based on your own criteria, or change the date granularity;
  • Formatting options are in line with the options you know from the Power BI Line Chart, so no need to learn a new interface. And of course, theme colors and settings are supported;
  • Improved tooltip support: Create independent tooltips for tasks and for milestones to show exactly the data you want.

Watch the video tutorial of the Power Gantt Chart for Power BI HERE. Do you want to try the Power Gantt Chart yourself? Download it from the Microsoft AppSource for free.

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