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Get to know your data without hiding critical details: the Strip Plot

This is a single Creator license for usage within Power BI Desktop or Power BI Pro.

For using this visual within a Power BI Premium environment you first need to acquire the Premium option license of this visual. This can be found here: Strip Plot for Power BI Premium



There are numerous chart types to help us determine the main properties of a distribution (like central tendency, spread and form). The most popular ones are histograms, frequency polygons and box-and-whisker plots.

The challenge with these kind of charts is the fact they group your data in such a way it potentially could hide important features. Histograms and frequency polygons are extremely sensitive to the bin-size you select as user. The box-and-whisker plot is only applicable when you have a bell-shaped distribution, but becomes useless in case of a multimodal distribution.

The Strip Plot is a chart type that addresses these challenges by not aggregating any of the data points, but by simply showing each point individually. This will not only show you where the (concentration of) observations are, but also where gaps are between subsequent observations.

Key features of the Strip Plot are:

  • Choose an object for your data points: Data points can be displayed by either a round dot, a triangle or a line;

  • Format the objects: Each of the data point objects can be formatted by selecting a fill and stroke color. Also the size and opacity of the objects can be set;

  • Multiple series: the user can display one or multiple series (distributions) by adding a Category variable;

  • Change the Details: The column placed in the Details field determines at which detail level the objects are displayed;

  • Large number of data points: The Strip Plot can display up to 30,000 data points;

  • Selection & Highlighting: Like in standard Power BI Charts you can make use of the Selection & Highlighting functions within the Strip Plot;

  • Context menu: Like in standard Power BI Charts you have access to the context menu to Include/Exclude data points;

  • Full tooltip support: Besides the default Tooltip behaviour (show the value of the element you hover) you can also add additional feeds to the tooltip.

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    Mark Wilcock

    Great for showing distribution of values in an intuitive way
    The strip plot is great for showing the distribution or spread of values which is a common ask. It neatly addresses a need that is not possible with the standard palette of visuals. For example, it is ideal for showing say the distribution of inflation rates over countries or COVID infection rates in different regions of a country. The strip plot seems well engineered with all the capabilities of a standard visual (drill down, cross filtering etc) so we can use it instead of a standard visual

    • Michel Dekker

      Michel Dekker

      Thanks Mark for your review. It is really exciting to get feedback from users so we can continue to build more visuals to complement the Power BI environment.

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