Dumbbell Bar Chart

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Unleash the power of comparison with the Dumbbell Bar Chart

This is a single Creator license for usage within Power BI Desktop or Power BI Pro.

For using this visual within a Power BI Premium environment you first need to acquire the Premium option license of this visual. This can be found here: Dumbbell Column Chart for Power BI Premium



Data visualisations play a fundamental role in answering an important data question:”How does result A compare to result B?”. Typical examples of these questions are:

  • How does the sales of this month compare to the sales of last month?

  • What is the difference between the number of documents processed this year compared to 2017?

  • How does the number of planned-visitors compare to the number of unplanned-visitors at our locations?

Key in answering these kind of questions is explicitly visualising the difference between the two results. This is the strength of the Dumbbell Bar Chart: showing both the values and the difference between them.

Key features of the Dumbbell Bar Chart are:

  • Format the objects: Each of the data point objects (dot and line) can be formatted by selecting a color and size. Additional, the line can be switched on/off and for the dot one can switch on/off the fill color;
  • The Axis formatting options are in line with the options you know from the Power BI Clustered Column & Bar Charts, so no need to learn a new interface;
  • Selection & Highlighting: Like in standard Power BI Charts you can make use of the Selection & Highlighting functions within the Dumbbell Bar Chart;
  • Context menu: Like in standard Power BI Charts you have access to the context menu to Include/Exclude data points;
  • Full tooltip support: Besides the default Tooltip behaviour (show the value of the element you hover) you can also add additional feeds to the tooltip.
  • Full Bookmark support: like any of the standard visuals the Dumbbell Bar Chart supports Bookmarks.

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    Mark Wilcock

    The dumbbell chart is so useful it should be in the standard palette
    I find the dumbbell bar chart so useful that I regard it as missing from the standard palette. Dumbbells plots are very popular – for example, the FT and Economist often use these. They are useful since they show both the starting point, ending point and progress made is a visually intuitive way. Until now it has not been possible to achieve this with Power BI – the best we could do was to use a clustered bar which did not give the same insight to readers. The chart is fully featured

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